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About - In These Rooms - Addiction Social Network

The Addiction Social Network and In These Rooms (InTheseRooms.com) is one of the fastest growing and most powerful online social addictions networks and community on the Internet.

Persons with strong support involvement have higher levels of life satisfaction, greater happiness, and fewer negative psychosocial consequences of traumatic life events.
Many recovering substance users report quitting drugs and seeking treatment because they wanted a better life and look into group support.
The road of recovery and a better life is challenging and stressful path for those who want to heal after going to treatment.
At ASN we assist treatment providers, Drug Courts, Aftercare programs and those in recovery to help stay in touch by providing a network of support rooms for your and others in recovery.
ASN allows recovery seekers, family and friends to understand addiction and the importance of supporting you recovery while in post care and recovery while season experts enter these rooms daily to help you in the path to relapse free living..

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Make new and lasting friends and partnerships, with those in the recovery community, and undertake a journey together on the road to recovery. Invite your friend in recovery to participate.

Improving quality of life has become an important point in clinical trials and studies for many chronic disorders such as addiction have now been widely studied.
Overall, available evidence suggests that alcohol and other drug users are under high levels of stress and have poor quality of life, but they can buffer stress and to enhance quality of life and/or recovery from addictions when they participate in social peer supports groups.
They can now find spirituality, life meaning, religiousness, and affiliation with 12-step fellowships.

In sum ASN can play a major role in minimizing any substance use behavior, and evidence support a new online dimension that also facilitate the process of recovery from addictions.

Let get started – One step at a time.