What are common signs that someone is addicted to cocaine?

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Research shows that Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant drug. Cocaine works by increasing the activity of certain chemicals in the brain producing a desirable sense of pleasure or euphoria and alertness. Cocaine is usually snorted or sniffed via the nose; however it can also be injected or smoked in the form of crack.
Those addicted to cocaine show a variety of different signs and symptoms including drastic and extensive changes in personality and mood. Cocaine users often engage in dangerous and thoughtless behaviors, doing activities that they would probably not do otherwise.
You may be able to spot early sigh if you notice the person sniffling often, has recurring bloody nose problems or constant runny noses. If you are able you may notice dilated pupils in said person and even paranoia.
If these signs persist, worsen or become more and more frequent, chances are the person has become addicted to cocaine. Cocaine addiction by itself, like any other drug addictions is characterized by a tolerance and dependence on the drug. Increased paranoia, depression, lack of sleep, anxiety and changes in eating are also common characteristic of cocaine abuse or addiction.

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